I have had many people ask me how I’ve been able to lose weight so quickly and happily. That’s the key...happily. Anyone can lose weight with diet and exercise, but to lose weight and enjoy it? Now that is amazing.

Most of the information I post will come from WellnessPro’s website. I put a link to the right if you would like to learn more, along with a ticker for you to see my personal weight loss journey.

Basically, WellnessPro is a wellness company. WellnessPro products are created by world experts to deliver the best and most advanced nutritional and personal care solutions offered by the industry today. Their products can be used in different ways to meet your goals.

I started this blog after becoming a supervisor and successful user of WellnessPro. Through this blog I hope to share delicious (and WellnessPro approved) recipes, weight loss, health, and exercise tips, and of course specials and giveaways.

Together we will become Wellness Pros!