Friday, July 31, 2009

Dfense aka "detox"

Ladies and Gentlemen…Regulate Your Engines!

When your car gets a little wear and tear, you take it to the shop. What about your engine? This blend of fruit, herbal extracts and probiotics (which convert carbs into the lactic acid your muscles burn to get energy) works like a mechanic, flushing toxins, removing impurities and restoring digestion and energy. Use regularly to cleanse the whole body — inside and out.

Key Benefits:
-May help to support balanced daily energy
-May help regulate bowel movement
-May help support healthy hair, skin and nails
-All natural, safe and gentle formula

-Take 1-2 tablets before breakfast and dinner.
-Follow with a glass of water for better absorption.

Look good…Feel good…It's all good.
100% natural. Ecologically clean. Environmentally friendly. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors. No dairy. No genetically modified ingredients. No yeast.

And to be honest, it doesn't make me have to run to the bathroom. Basically, it just helps keep me regular. And isn't that what we all really want?

Retail Price: $44.00

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