Saturday, August 1, 2009

Balanced Nutrition

Ladies: Liberate your true self

Lack of sleep, increased stress or eating whatever's handy weighing you down? Reconnect with the person you always thought you'd be through our beauty-and-bone fortifying shake that fights fatigue, stress and hunger. Packed with HeptaCal™ (helps absorb calcium) and other exclusive, patented ingredients, it's a meal in a glass that's hard not to find time for. Especially since it tastes like dessert (in vanilla or chocolate) and is only 130 calories per serving.

Men: Maintain your a-game

Whether your goal is to be fit, tough or sharp as a tack, this shake is for you. Packed with PentaChrom™ and other exclusive, patented ingredients, this is a man's drink designed to regulate blood glucose, increase muscle mass and energy, and support prostate health.

Key Benefits of both:
-Weight loss
-Healthier skin, hair, nails, and joints to keep you looking younger
-Enhanced muscle strength and body tone
-Improved memory
-Stronger cardiovascular and immune systems
-Regulated cholesterol
-Decrease sense of hunger
-Regulate levels of sugar and insulin

100% natural. Ecologically clean. Environmentally friendly. No artificial colors. No aspartame. No wheat. No gluten. No genetically modified ingredients. No yeast.

Retail Price: $68.00


  1. Hey Janae! How many shakes do you get in a package? It sounds like this is really working for you. I have probably gained 25 pounds since getting married 4 years ago and would love to loose it once and for all,epecially in my gut. I just need some motivation. Are you still going to do the shakes @ school when you go back to work for lunch? You will have to fill me in on all of this. I am impressed. :)

  2. Each container has 21 servings. When you do the weight loss program you drink two shakes a day, so one container lasts about 10 days. Retail is a little pricey. When you sign up as a distributor (like I did) there are no sign up costs, and no certain amount to buy each month. You buy what you want, when you want, and then you get the 35% discount. I can get you some to try when I get back to Idaho. I like taking them to school for lunch. I make a double batch in the morning, and put one in the freezer at school. I take it out at recess, and by lunch it’s a nice consistency! It makes it easy to eat while I work.