Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss program has three phases.

Phase 1 (14 Days)
You will increase your metabolic rate and fat-burning ability, while detoxifying your body from addictive carbohydrates. During this phase, cut caffeine and “bad” carbs from your diet, such as: fruit, bread, pasta, potatoes, and sugar. etc. This will change your body's metabolism from carbohydrate- burning to fat-burning. Read food labels! Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. These are ingredients that are added when the fat is taken out.

-Replace 2 meals a day with delicious WellnessPro Shake.
-Eat only food recommeded in phase 1 in your diet.
-Eat 3 - 5 small meals a day. Don’t over eat!
-Drink 8 or more glasses of water a day.
-Exercise. If you don't have time for a gym, simply walk at least for 1 mile every day.
-Weigh yourself once a week to track your progress.

Phase 2 (Until you get down to your “goal” weight)
This stage is designed to help you maintain the maximum level of your fat-burning metabolism. There are fewer restrictions during this stage of the program (yes!). During this phase, consume the maximum amount of the right types of foods necessary to feel great and stay in top physical form (this also means consuming a minimum amount of “bad carbs”). You'll be amazed how good you feel, and — your weight will continue to drop—with a minimum of effort.

-Replace 2 meals with Wellness Pro Shake
-Eat only food recommended in phase 2 in your diet
-To speed up the weight loss and to control your carb intake, take one tablet of Block n Burn one hour before your meals
-Drink 8 or more glasses of water each day
-Exercise. You will have more energy now — use it! If you're continuing your walking program — increase your distance to 2 miles a day.
-Pay attention to the size of your portions

Phase 3 (The Finish Line)
Continue to enjoy the healthy food choices you’ve made. (They’ll be your good friends for life). In the future, if you gain a few pounds? You can always go back to phase 2 for a few weeks. The principles you’ve learned will make it simple and easy to drop that weight and maintain the weight loss.

-For great health benefits, make the WellnessPro shakes part of your everyday lifestyle.
-Drink a lot of water.
-Exercise. Keep an active lifestyle.
-Minimize bad carbs, such as bread, sugars, pastas, potatoes, rice and maximize nutritional foods. (Still recommending the foods from phase 2)

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