Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phase 1 Meal Plan

Today I started back on a strict Phase 1 diet. I need to jump start the weight loss before school starts, so it’s officially Hammer Time! For the next two weeks, I will be drinking plain shakes (no fruit) for two meals a day and eating dinner/snacks that are completely phase 1 approved. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking/complaining about what to make for phase 1 dinners, so I decided to write down my two week meal plan. This will help me (and anyone else who wants to join in) know exactly what to make/eat. Wish me luck!

Day 1
Barbecued Burger with cheese and pickles – no bun
Cucumbers and celery

Day 2
Vegetable stuffed chicken breast with spinach
(minus the carrots and capers)

Day 3
Barbecued chicken with Montreal Steak Spice marinade

Day 4
Soy sauce chicken
Broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce

Day 5
Beef Stir Fry

Day 6
Barbecued steaks with Montreal Steak Spice marinade
Cucumber salad

Day 7
Omelets with ham, cheese, broccoli
(I don’t like many vegetables, but you can add peppers, mushrooms, onions, and any other phase 1 approved vegetable)

Day 8
Hamburger minestrone soup
(minus the carrots)

Day 9
Hamburger minestrone soup

Day 10
Turkey and black bean salad
I’m using the recipe for chicken and black bean burritos, but substituting turkey for the chicken, and putting it on salad instead of in wraps. Should be delicious!

Day 11
Turkey and black bean salad

Day 12
Taco Salad

Day 13
Barbecued steaks with Montreal Steak Spice marinade
You can never have enough steaks!
Cucumber salad

Day 14
Paprika pork chops
I’ve never tried this recipe, but I’ll let you know how it turns out!
Broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce


  1. Will you post a link to what exactly Phase 1 Meals consist of? I can't remember! But I TOTALLY need to lose weight-- about 30 pounds! Blah!

  2. If you click in the post where it says, "Phase 1 Diet" and "Phase 1 Approved" it will give you more information. Anytime the text is a different size or color (usually gray) it is a link to more information. Let me know if you want more info!

  3. Oops! Ha ha, no clue why I didn't notice those links! Okay, I've written down your menus and copied your recipes so I'm going to try this starting probably next week! I'm a little nervous to see how the family is going to handle going on a "diet." What are some good smaller meals ideas? I saw you are supposed to have 3-5 meals (with two being shakes), so what are some good snacks or whatever?

  4. You could have already posted about this and I just don't remember...